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Terms and conditions of use at En.TAB4U

Terms and conditions


The use in En.TAB4U.COM website and app is subject to your prior consent to the terms of use as specified at this page. Therefore, before using the site, we ask you to read them carefully. En.TAB4U.COM presents thousands of Israeli and non-Israeli songs: Lyrics, chords, tabs and functions designed for musicians, singers, Music lovers and more... The En.TAB4U.COM team undertakes to do everything in its power to: 1. Take care of the accuracy of the songs on the site. 2. Prevent harassment of other members in the website. 3. To try and help anyone who is harmed in any way by the use of the website. The website team reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time, Without giving notice thereof in advance. The new agreement will be in force, even if a different agreement appears at the time of registration. It is your responsibility to make sure you know the latest terms of use.


En.TAB4U.COM has thousands of songs in the database. Some of the songs were edited by the site's staff, and some were edited by surfers. The management of En.TAB4U.COM is not responsible for content, copyright infringement Or lack of precision in the song lyrics edited by surfers. That is, a song edited by a surfer - the responsibility for violating the rights of the song, is of The surfer who uploaded the song only. If there is a copyright infringement by any song, or by any content Which is available on the website, you can contact the website through the contact form, and the management of the site undertakes to provide a solution As soon as possible to remove the content, after it has been proven that it was a violation. The website was granted the right to display Israeli songs by ACUM by paying royalties to the artists.

How to upload songs and his copyrights

After a user uploaded a song to TAB4U.COM, the song was sent for review by the site team. Uploading the song by a surfer means transferring ownership of the content to En.TAB4U.COM. If the song is not well edited or contains errors or not edited according to the format required, So the site management has the right to delete the song, or alternately, confirm it And expose it to the surfers. For clarification - after uploading the song by a surfer, the site management has the right to determine The fate of the song as it wishes and the surfer who brought the song has no other right over it. The surfer, for example, can not ask for a fee to publish his songs, or ask to download the song.

Purchase of products at En.TAB4U

In En.TAB4U you can pay and receive the edited song (lyrics and chords and in some cases also tabs We are not obligated to the tabs) within 48 hours of request, when Saturday and holidays is not included in the time count. Credits can be purchased for song edits according to the packages listed on the song requests page (credit = one chords song request). If the musician who edits the songs is on holiday, then a notice will be displayed starting two days before the date of the vacation, And it will not be possible to request songs on a fast track on these dates. In addition, you can purchase a custom chord book editing, depending on the price list listed on the chord book page. Each custom chord book can contain up to 500 songs. Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981. Payments support can be obtained by calling On the phone that will appear by clicking here (Only financial issues from Sunday to Thursday between 13:00-15:00)
or by contacting us in the contact form.

Website rights and content

All rights and intellectual property of En.TAB4U.COM are the property of the website management. Rights to system design, site code, graphing files, edited songs, And any other material contained therein - belongs to the owners of the website. No part of the above may be distributed, reproduced, copied, publicly displayed or transmitted to any third party Without prior written consent of the website owner.

YouTube API

Some TAB4U pages display videos through the YouTube API. By using the Youtube API you also agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Use listed on the following page: https://www.youtube.com/t/terms And the Google Terms of Use listed on the following page: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy

En.TAB4U.COM's chat system and users data

En.TAB4U.COM has a chat system for musicians, whose goal is to meet new people For friendship, friendship, romance, playing with other people, forming a band, advertising Myself and other goals. When registering for En.TAB4U.COM, all data is stored in the data base: Your Email, hushed password, name, gender, date of birth, country and other info. The website management has the right to use this data. In addition En.TAB4U.COM stores users Device Id in order to send push notifications. En.tab4u.com push notifications is only for Internal use, to inform you on new messages, and some more announcements. On any time you can cancel the push notifications on the Account settings page. The user warrants that all the data he uploaded are true and correct. Any false information is a blatant violation of regulations. En.TAB4U.COM has no responsibility for its authenticity. The website's management undertakes not to display the user's password to anyone, and especially not to the management of the website. Website management can reset the password, if requested by the user. Within the recognition system, anyone who uses it can write to any other user in it. Do not write offensive, insulting, or curses. EnTAB4U.COM has the ability to switch users' messages and make sure there are no users Which violate the Bylaws or otherwise violate any other user. If the user has violated the rules, the website management also has the option to delete or pause (I.e. do not give it the option to re-register) it from the website, without any further explanation or warning. In addition, the management of the website has the option to transfer the details of the user who has passed the rules of the website to the police Or any other third party to handle the case.

Photos of En.TAB4U users

Users of En.TAB4U can upload images to the site. Photos that show revealing body parts, or user images, should not be uploaded Is not its sole owner, or images that do not represent the user who uploaded them. Do not upload an image that shows someone else. Images uploaded are only uploaded to the user who uploaded them.


By registering to En.TAB4U you acknowledge that you agree to receive advertisements in accordance with the law Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) (Amendment No. 40), 5768-2008. According to the default option as stated, and as long as you have not canceled your consent to receive promotional mailings, The En.TAB4U website or a third party on its behalf may send mailing messages to members of the Site Which are received on the site on a regular basis, messages to users viewing them, announcements regarding the site's events, Newsletters, updates, recommendations for songs, reminders, or other emails. If you do not want to receive more of these e-mails, you can easily do this with Change your mailing preferences on the Account Settings page or Change Mailing Preferences page (Link to which is at the end of each mail sent). It is clarified that it is absolutely forbidden to provide details of another user. A person who contravenes this provision shall be liable for all damages and / or expenses liable to be incurred To the operator of the site due to the delivery of details of another without such permission.

Privacy and privacy

The site staff has the full right to examine content in a form, automatically or manually, and respond accordingly. In general, the main site staff also review the messages transmitted between surfers, In order to protect the website and its surfers. You agree that as a surfer on the Site, this does not violate your privacy or your privacy as a surfer, And that this is done solely for the purpose of protecting all users of the site and the site itself. In addition, our profile pages are partially exposed to users who are not logged in to the website in order to allow external users to get an impression before they are registering. Because of this, search engines can also index user profile pages. The guideline for using the site is understand that every detail you add into your profile is exposed to everyone (Anyone can also sign up and view everyone's full profile). For example, the photos you uploaded, your religion etc.


The services of En.TAB4U.COM do not include technical support. The staff at En.TAB4U.COM will endeavor to respond to your inquiries on technical matters in a timely manner, Which will be received by e-mail only, but he does not undertake to do so.


This document will be subject to and interpreted for any purpose, according to the laws of the State of Israel. Any claim or proceeding arising out of or relating to this document will be discussed by the authorized court To be discussed in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District, and each party agrees to be subject to judgment And the location of such courts. You hereby waive a final and irrevocable waiver and absolute claim to be a document This is invalid and / or void and / or non-binding towards you. Site rules can be updated from time to time and are valid from the moment they are uploaded to the site. You are aware that once you agree to the laws of the Site, you also agree to the updated site rules In relation to the moment that any action relating to the TAB4U.COM site is performed.

In any issue, you can contact us on the 'Contact Us' page.