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Incubus - Drive Chords
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Incubus - Drive

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Category: Rock Familiar Songs Exciting Song
Em9+:   07x080
Em9:    07x070
Cmaj7:  x35453
Am7*:   5x545x

Em9+ Em9 Cmaj7 Am7* x4

Em9+  Em9        Cmaj7           Am7*  Em9+     
Sometimes,     I feel the fear of    uncertainty
Em9           Cmaj7 Am7* Em9+
stinging clear               
Em9+  Em9       Cmaj7           Am7*
And I     can't help but ask myself 
how much I let the fear
Em9                Cmaj7   Am7* Cmaj7
Take the wheel and steer             

Cmaj7            A7                   
It's driven me before  and it seems to
       Cmaj7     A7                   Cmaj7
Have a vague,    haunting mass appeal      
Cmaj7        A7                         Cmaj7
But lately   I'm beginning to find that I    
              A7                    Em9+
Should be the one behind the wheel      


Em9+ Em9  Cmaj7   Am7*         Em9+     Em9
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there    
          Cmaj7         Am7*        Em9+
With open arms and open eyes   yeah     
    Em9    Cmaj7   Am7*        Em9+     Em9
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there    
     Cmaj7     Am7*  Em9+
I'll be there            

Em9+  Em9    Cmaj7          Am7*
So if I    decide to waiver my  
          Em9+     Em9
chance to be one of   
         Cmaj7 Am7* Em9+
the hive                
    Em9          Cmaj7      Am7*
Will I    choose water over wine
and hold my own and drive?
Em9     Cmaj7 Am7* Cmaj7
ahh ahh ahhhhh         

Cmaj7            A7                           Cmaj7
It's driven me before  and it seems to be the way  
         A7                    Cmaj7
that everyone else gets around      
Cmaj7       A7                          
But lately  I'm   beginning to find that
Cmaj7          A7                     Em9+
When I drive myself my light is found     

Repeat Chorus


      Em9+         Em9   Cmaj7 Am7*      Em9+  Em9 

         Cmaj7     Am7*       Em9+   

    Em9  Cmaj7    Am7*       Em9+    Em9 

        Cmaj7           Am7*     Cmaj7

          A7                   Cmaj7
Would you choose    water over wine 
A7                            Em9+
Hold the wheel and drive          

Repeat Chorus
Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7 x4

Em9+ Em9 Cmaj7 Am7* x4
Cmaj7 A7
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