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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Parallel Universe Chords
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Parallel Universe

Category: Rock | Familiar Songs
Intro - Guitar1:


             Bb                 Dm             

     Eb                    G4                  



   Cm                      Bb                 

         Dm                      Eb         



Cm                   Bb            Dm
Deep inside of a parallel universe   
It's getting harder and harder
   G4   G               Cm
To tell what came first   
Cm                              Bb            Dm
Under water where thoughts can breathe Easily   
                  Eb        G4   G            
Far away you were made in a sea  Just like me 


Cm           Cm/G  Ab Eb
Christ I'm a sidewinder 
     G4            G    Cm
I'm a   California King   
Cm        Cm/G Ab Eb    G4             G 
I swear it's everywhere   It's everything

Cm                            Bb          Dm
Staring straight up into the sky Oh my my   
Dm                  Eb  
a solar system that fits
         G4 G        Cm
In your eye Microcosm  

Cm                           Bb             Dm
You could die but your never dead spider web  
Dm                  Eb     
Take a look at the stars in
     G4   G                   Cm
Your head fields of space kid   

Repeat Chorus x2




Psychic changes are born
        Bb             Dm
in your heart Entertain  
Dm                          Eb           G4  
A nervous breakthrough that makes us the same
 G                   Cm
Bless your heart girl  
Cm                             Bb
Kill the pressure it's raining on
Salty Cheeks   
Dm                 Eb     G4  
When you hear the beloved song
I am with you 

Repeat Chorus x2
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