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Stevie Wonder - Isn´t She Lovely Chords
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Stevie Wonder - Isn´t She Lovely

Category: Pop Familiar Songs
Amaj7*: x02110
A6/B:   x22222

C#m7 F#7 A6/B E 

          C#m7   F#7           A6/B  E  
Isn't she lovely,    isn't she wonderful
          C#m7     F#7               A6/B   E  
isn't she precious     less than one minute old

        Amaj7                   Amaj7*
I never thought through love we'd be  
           C#m7          F#7
Making one as lovely as she 
               A6/B          Aadd9    E   
But isn't she lovely  made   from     love

          C#m7    F#7            A6/B    E   
Isn't she pretty       Truly the angel's best
            C#m7   F#7
Boy, I'm so happy     
             A6/B    E     
We have been heaven blessed

        Amaj7                Amaj7*
I can't believe what God has done  
                C#m7          F#7
through us he's given life to one
              A6/B         Aadd9   E   
But isn't she lovely made  from    love


   E        C#m7  F#7        A6/B         E  

              C#m7       F#7         A6/B 

               E             Amaj7   

           Amaj7*                  C#m7       F#7

              A6/B               E    

          C#m7    F#7              A6/B     E   
Isn't she lovely      Life and love are the same
         C#m7  F#7     A6/B           E   
Life is Aisha      The meaning of her name

Amaj7                          Amaj7*
Londie, it could have not been done  
        C#m7                  F#7
Without you who conceived the one
                A6/B        Aadd9   E   
That's so very lovely made  from    love

Repeat Solo
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