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Alanis Morissette - Can't Not

Editor: TAB4U Staff
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Em    Aadd9        Em 
i'd be lying if I said
      Aadd9    Em    Aadd9    Em    Aadd9
I was completely unscathed               
I might be proving you right
with my silence or my retaliation
would I be letting you win in my non reaction?
how would I explain?
how would I explain this
to my children if I had them?

        Em    C     Aadd9
because I can't not      
        Em    C     Aadd9
because I can't not      
        Em    C   G         
because I can't afford to be
misread one more time

would I be whining if I said I needed a hug?
would you feel slighted if
I said your love isn't enought?
how can I complain?
how can I complain when i'm the one who reaches for it?

because I can't not
because I can't not
because I cannot walk without my crutches
because I can't not
because I can't not
because I can't help wonder why you ask me

to all the unheard wisdom in the schoolyard 
you think you're the right ones
you think you're the charmed ones i'm sure
how can you go on with such convintion?
and who do you think you are why do you question me?

because I can't not
because I can't not
because I can't help laugh at underestimations
because I can't not
because I can't not
because I can't afford to be misled one more time
because I can't not
because I can't not
because I cannot help without your willingness
Em Em Em Aadd9 x4

             Em   C  
why do you affect me?
Aadd9          Em   C   Aadd9
why do you affect me still?  
why do you hinder me?
why do you hinder me still?
why do you unnerve me?
why do you unnerve me still?
why do you trigger me?
why do you trigger me still?

Em Aadd9 Em Em x4
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