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Air - All I Need Chords
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Air - All I Need

Author And Composer: Air

   Cadd9                   Gm                   

  Bbadd9        Cadd9           Gm                   

                  Cm              Gm             

   Bbadd9         Cadd9       

Verse and chorus structure:

            Gm                 Cadd9         

        Gm            Bbadd9         Cadd9     

Gm                     Cadd9
All I need is a little time,
   Gm                              Bbadd9  Cadd9
To get behind this sun and cast my weight,      
Gm                           Cadd9 
All I need is a peace of this mind,
           Gm   Bbadd9 Cadd9
Then I can celebrate.       

Gm                             Cadd9
All in all theres something to give,
Gm                            Cadd9
All in all theres something to do, 
Gm                             Cadd9
All in all theres something to live,
     Gm   Cadd9       Eb    F
With you...      With you... 


      Gm   Bbadd9   Cadd9
Fly A way                
      Gm   Bbadd9   Cadd9
Fly A way                
      Gm   Bbadd9   Cadd9   Eb  F
Fly A way                        
All I need...

All I need is a little sign,
To get behind this sun and cast this weight of mine,
All I need is the place to find,
And there Ill celebrate.

All in all theres something to give,
All in all theres something to do,
All in all theres something too live,
With you ...

Cadd9 Bbadd9 Cm Bbadd9 x2
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