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Origin: United Kingdom
Years active: 1998 - 2002
Former members: Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen, Paul Marazzi

A1 was a chart-topping Anglo-Norwegian boy band whose first single, "Be The First To Believe",
Was released in 1999 and took the music world by storm. Its members were Britons Mark Read,
Paul Marazzi, Ben Adams and Norwegian Christian Ingebrigtsen. a1 also won a BRIT Award for
'British breakthrough act' in 2001. They were formed by band manager Tim Byrne,
Who also formed STEPS. STEPon the "Smash Hits" award for "Best Video" for "Take on Me".
Adams also won "most fanciable male" the year after. In 2001 the band toured Asia,
Where they were well-received. The music video for their single "No More" was filmed in Singapore.
During the Indonesian leg of their tour in the Taman Anggrek Mall,
Four teenage girls were killed in a stampede. Their third album, Make It Good,
Featured a sound closer to traditional rock music, but was to be their last studio project.
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