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Pearl Jam - Why Go Chords
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Pearl Jam - Why Go

Category: Rock
Intro & verses - Bass:

She scratches a letter into a wall made of stone
Maybe someday another child
won't feel as alone as she does
It's been two years, and counting,
since they put her in this place
She's been diagnosed by some stupid fuck,
and mommy agrees, yeah...
Whoa...yeah...hey yeah yeah...
Why go home... x3

She seems to be stronger,
but what they want her to be is weak
She could play pretend,
she could join the game, boy
She could be another clone...ooh...whoa...ah yeah

Why go home? Why go home?
Why go home? Why go home?
What you taught me...  put me here...
don't come visit... mother... Sting me...

Why go home? Why go home?
Why go home? Why go home?
What you taught me...  put me here...
don't come visit... mother... mother...    
Why go home? Why go home?
Why go home? Why go home?
Why go home? Why go home?
Why go home?    Whoa...
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